- About Gro-Getters, Inc. -


Dear Visitor:

     I am Glen Jedlicka, and Gro-Getters, Inc. was my brain child creation. As a nursery manager and purchaser for a multi-million dollar landscape company, I saw a gap in the industry and felt that I could provide a much needed service to smaller companies. Multiple family members have since joined me in the day to day operations of the company and now Gro-Getters can offer the kind of service that I originally envisioned.

     Gro-Getters, Inc. is a purchasing service for the small to moderate sized landscape contractor. We source and coordinate the purchase of plant material for you, so you can spend your efforts on what YOU do best. Gro-Getters provides you the ability to purchase plant material with the confidence and purchasing power of a much larger company, without the expense of a full time purchasing agent.

     Due to our representation of multiple clients, our long-standing relationships with specific vendors, and our reputation, Gro-Getters has negotiated discount pricing based on volume purchasing. While we have an extensive grower list, many of our clients need material quickly and in small quantities, making it difficult to put together a volume order from a grower. Therefore, we have contracted discounts with several local re-wholesale nurseries and can typically deliver to you at, or below, the standard re-wholesale list price, saving you the trouble of researching, ordering and picking up your material.

     We have 17 years of purchasing experience, with a vast knowledge of plant varieties. Our extensive contact with a network of hundreds of growers and re-wholesalers from coast to coast permits us to offer availability of hard to find and obscure plant material, as well as the standard plants used in our marketplace.

     We are a member of the Landscape Contractors Association and are committed to their standard of excellence. High quality is maintained by dealing with reputable nurseries and sources that have demonstrated quality and consistency in the past. In addition, control is obtained on plant quality and workmanship through personal visits and inspections of the nurseries on a regular basis. We are committed to our customer relationships and provide a level of service that is hard to come by these days.

     The Gro-Getters process is simple; you contact us, order material and we deliver. If you are looking for a quote, you can send your list over and we will return it with recommended prices. Give us a try!

- Glen Jedlicka